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The technology and construction of RÖDER tent systems is based on many years of experience. RÖDER's light-weight tent frameworks are made of aluminum and reinforced by steel parts. All steel parts are galvanized according to the German DIN 50976 standard and welding is done according to German TÜV standards in order to guarantee the overall safety of the tent frame.

Aside from the standard tarpaulins, color steel sandwich panels or clear glass walls can be installed on the sides, too. Furthermore, solid rolling or sliding gates of various widths and heights with manual or electric drive can also be equipped. Almost any part of the RÖDER tent systems can be adjusted to your individual needs.

RÖDER China imports its fabric raw materials from French manufacturer Ferrari® Textiles. Its patented Précontraint Technology® guarantees an outstanding dimensional stability and UV resistance while ensuring that the cover will not discolor throughout the years. RÖDER tent systems satisfy the global fire resistance standards such as the German B1/DIN 75200, the French M2, the American NFP92503 etc.

RÖDER China uses different fixation methods for different surfaces and usage purposes: Pegs on loose soil, expansion bolts on concrete base and heavy-weight anchoring on sites that must not be harmed. RÖDER China will make an individual recommendation for each project.