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smart fortwo
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smart fortwo Presentation on Kaufhof's parking deck in Stuttgart

The presentation of the new smart-fortwo in Stuttgart by DaimlerChrysler Head Dr. Dieter Zetsche was ultra spectacular. On three evenings, 1800 journalists and Smart dealers were entertained and became acquainted with the newly designed vehicle in Kaufhof's parking lot in the centre of Stuttgart.

A brilliant firework display above the roofs of the surrounding multi-stories inspired spectators who did not have to leave the tent especially designed for this site. The 35 x 40 m wide tent was equipped with a 4 m high glass facade all around and transparent roof and gables.

The logistical expense was enormous - all parts had to be lifted using a special crane on to the 23 m high parking lot. Extensive talks between the project agency [mu:d]GmbH from Cologne and the regulatory bodies were also necessary as well as a special statics and ballasting. Yet the expense was worth it as the pictures show.

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