ROEDERdome 150-14.2

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dome Tents
Tent image
Special-tent-zendome-14m-150r    ROEDERdome 150-14.2Special-tent-zendome-14m-150r    gable-viewSpecial-tent-zendome-14m-150r    top-view
Technical data
Flooring options Compact flooring system
Cover RÖDER No. 1: PVC-coated polyester textile, flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1, M2
Exhibition Space 150 m²
Diameter 1400 cm
Height 805 cm
Circular Entries 3
Upper vent 5
Mech. Ventilation Outlet 1
Circular Windows 5
Weight 1000 kg
Membrane Weight 174 kg
Wind Load Beaufort 12 (DIN 4112)
Tent top and side view image